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I’m really, really excited to announce this one-day coaching intensive workshop for anyone interested in creating an online teaching business.

It will happen in two cities: Sept 21 in Seattle and Nov 2 in NYC.

If you are a teacher, trainer, coach, guide, mentor, and want to teach online, this workshop is built for you. You will be mentored by people who have created successful online teaching businesses.  You will hear presentations from them and participate in small group conversations to unpack what you’ve heard. You will learn about technical platforms, marketing strategies, payment systems, and  discover proven strategies for building community.

Your teachers are Charlie Gilkey, Jennifer Louden, Andrew Mellen, and me. Charlie coaches online entrepreneurs all over the world and is an expert on small business development. Jen is an internationally known teacher and coach who developed the massively successful online program “Teach Now” to coach teachers to be their best. Andrew launched Unstuff U, the world’s first completely virtual personal organization training center. Susan is a meditation teacher and the New York Times bestselling author of 7 books. Her online meditation community has reached over 10,000 members.

Each of us was early to the online teaching world and through a combination of skill, luck, and making a ton of mistakes, have figured out the best strategies and most glaring pitfalls. We invite you to learn from what we did right and wrong!

The world has changed. Each of us now has the ability to reach an unlimited audience. Most people are waiting for someone to model the best way to claim online territory as a teacher, but we believe that now is the time to act. There are no rules, only possibilities. We want to help you take the biggest  and most important professional leap you may ever make.

Because we want to work with every student closely, we are limiting this program to 25 participants in each city. Each participant will have the chance to discuss his or her idea with the teachers and the group.

Registration is by application (see links below). Qualified participants will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis.

We are offering one full scholarship. If you are interested, please indicate this on your application and explain why you are requesting it.

Prior to the program, we will have reviewed your business and online identity carefully so we can be sure to show up with the ideas tailored to help you most.

Application deadlines: August 1 (Seattle) and Oct 1 (NYC).

Because there are four teachers, each with a substantial audience, we expect this program to sell out fast.

In 12 hours, you will learn:

  • How to package and brand your offering
  • How to construct your offering (Webinars? Newsletter? Classes? 5-Week course? Year-long immersion?)
  • How to market your offering
  • How to choose the right platform to deliver your content
  • How to process online payments smoothly and securely
  • How to build community methodically and consistently
  • How to deliver your offering in an authentic and powerful way
  • How to create additional sources of passive income
  • How to manage the entire process from inception to launch
  • Where to find additional resources like designers, developers and virtual assistants

You will leave with:

  • An action plan
  • A realistic and dynamic budget
  • A network of new connections to rely on as you build your business

View the complete schedule for the Intensive here.

All details are here.

Download application (PDF)

Download application (DOC)


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  1. Fern LaRocca CFP { 06.11.13 at 5:53 pm }

    Wish you were in San Jose – or online would be even better.

    • susan { 06.11.13 at 6:06 pm }

      We thought about doing it online…but then thought it would be more impactful to actually sit together and talk. But who knows?!

  2. Renee { 06.19.13 at 10:35 am }

    Given the application would this workshop be better for someone who is already established compared to someone who is thinking of teaching and doing it online?

    • susan { 06.19.13 at 10:38 am }

      Renee, it is designed to work for both. If you are already a teacher, it will help you transition to online. If you are thinking of teaching, it will help you clarify your offering and then review the options for creating an online presence. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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