Wisdom of a Broken Heart

Meditating on Heartbreak:
a special OHP evening presentation
with author Susan Piver


Please join Susan for an open and personal conversation about working with the energy of heartbreak, grief, and loss. While a broken heart certainly does not feel “good,” it is a potent state of mind nonetheless. How can we harness this power for increased wisdom, compassion, and love rather than bitterness or mistrust?

The Buddhadharma has great insight into this state of mind and how to work with it. In this evening gathering, we will:

  • Learn about the three most prominent qualities of heartbreak and how to shift them
  • Learn three meditative practices, one for each of these difficult mind-states
  • Practice meditation together
  • Talk about how to meet the sudden waves of grief
  • Learn a 3-part writing exercise to help create closure
  • Share insights and offer support

Included is a free PDF guide to doing a weekend meditation retreat at home, one designed specifically to help you meet the dark power of a broken heart.

The evening presentation will be recorded and all who register will receive a link within 24 hours of the program date.  You will have access to this recording for a month and may revisit it as often as you wish.

Program is completed.

FREE for OHP Sangha members * a link to register will be sent via email


This event will be presented using Google Hangouts On Air and no special requirement is needed other than a computer with internet access.

Note: after payment you will be taken back to the OHP site to register for the course. You must also subscribe to the opt-in WOBH mailing list email you will receive so that you can be sent the link for the event.