The Discipline of Appreciation

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The meditation begins at 7:39 
Audio only version is here.

Hello wonderful meditator. Today is a special day in my personal life. In this video, I explain two reasons for this. One is really wonderful and one is really difficult. Both events have give me ample opportunity to practice the discipline of appreciation.

Here, appreciation does not only mean finding something to enjoy. Sometimes things happen that are impossible to “enjoy.” We can still appreciate them by bringing our attention to them fully. It requires discipline to do so and, as you may know, discipline is our theme this month.

Our meditation practice teaches us exactly how to do this by emphasizing attention on breath. As you sit today, try to appreciate each breath, not be finding something “good” about it, but by feeling it. Each inhale, each exhale… Then, in your life, you may find it easier to place attention on each person you encounter, the felt-sense of each room you enter, the weather, your work…your life. By our definition, attention is the foundation of appreciation. Our practice teaches us how to deepen our mastery of it.

What do you think? What is going on in your life right now that you could appreciate? By the way, appreciating what is truly positive is often more difficult than anything… I’d love to hear what is going on in your life.  Make comments, ask questions, share reflections in comments.

Love, Susan

PS Here’s some additional info on our meditation posture, should you wish to review it.

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