The Open Heart Project was created to help you learn to meditate, stabilize your practice as an everyday part of your life and, if you wish, to go further by applying the insights of practice to every part of your life.

As a meditation practitioner, you will find that it is good for your health, relationships, and creativity. But the benefits do not stop there. As you practice with consistency your life changes in surprising ways. You soften—first toward yourself, and then to others. You discover authenticity, bravery, and joy you may not have thought yourself capable of.

Sounds good, right? It is! But you may not know where to go to learn. Or you may simply feel reluctant to head out to a strange place and request instruction. And should you actually begin to practice, most of us find it difficult to keep it going or have questions without knowing where to turn for answers.

The Open Heart Project was created to make it really, really easy to learn to meditate, find support for an ongoing practice, and connect with a community of like-minded practitioners who seek to live with wisdom, compassion, and courage.

When you sign up for this free newsletter, you’ll receive two emails per week from me. Each email contains a 10-minute meditation video plus a second video with a “dharma talk,” insights or suggestions about how to stabilize your practice. I hope you’ll give it a try!

Here is what is extraordinary about the Open Heart Project: it is the most complete meditation practice I’ve found online. A complete practice includes a “tripod” of support – often called the “triple gem.” One needs (1) strong practice, (2) the support of community, and (3) a teacher who can transmit energy and insight to students through relationship. Growth takes all three: practice, community, teacher. But how can one possibly have the feel of a authentic spiritual community or a vibrant teacher relationship in this setting? 

The OHP succeeds by supplying brilliantly clear instruction in a method, and supporting us to actually DO the practice. 

Even more than this, the OHP benefits me because I have a meaningful connection with Susan. She is a real person, with a unique voice and true insight. It doesn’t matter that we rarely interact. I feel blessed to have regular experiences of her as a very real person, and as a companion when I sit.  She shares her passions with us, makes her own quirky jokes, opens up about her own suffering, and emanates great respect and love for us as a community. Her compassionate, totally honest, insightful way of being inspires me to practice well. I want to understand what she understands.

One should choose a teacher she loves, and at the OHP it is somehow possible to find this even though traditional forms of interaction are lacking. I find its presence in my life extremely edifying; and my practice is far stronger because of it.

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