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Répondre à a violence et à la colère (une perspective bouddhiste)

January 11, 2015   |   Leave a reply

(traduction française de Elise Maes Le Goff) Texte original Aujourd’hui des hommes armés ont ouvert le feu dans les bureaux du magazine satirique Charlie Hebdo qui avait soulevé par le passé la colère d’islamistes extrémistes. Douze personnes, dont des dessinateurs célèbres en France, ont été tués. J’ai cru que c’était une blague. Mais non. Rien ne peut rendre cela acceptable.... READ MORE

On owning your true authority

August 28, 2014   |   3 Comments

I’ve written 5 books and edited 3, given countless public talks, and taught many workshops. I still struggle with self-confidence and like many who do, choose one of the two main coping mechanisms: downplaying myself and what I know and situating myself as one of many voices on the topic. (The other is overplaying and claiming complete authority while attempting... READ MORE

Rest in the meaning

August 12, 2014   |   2 Comments

As students of the dharma (whatever your dharma may be) we know the sheer delight of learning. We are fortunate to gather new insights, make connections, and feel privy to a new way of looking at the world. It is so exciting. We hear things that actually make sense—or that don’t, but in some equally intriguing way. I can’t tell... READ MORE

How to Enter (a building, a conversation, your life)

July 31, 2014   |   3 Comments

                        When approaching a sacred Buddhist site, it is customary to circumambulate three times before entering. You simply walk around the building, circling clockwise. Upon completion of the third loop, you enter. The first time I did this, I thought, why can’t I just walk in? But as I... READ MORE

This is your face on meditation

July 30, 2014   |   1 Comment

July 30, 2014 Photos were taken of meditation students before and after a month-long meditation retreat. What do you see in their faces? How is it that meditation does this?! For more such photos, click Enjoy! Love, Susan

Let’s talk about our bodies, shall we?

July 24, 2014   |   13 Comments

This morning I’ve been emailing with some people who run an outfit called Earth Strength. Without even knowing what it is, doesn’t that sound great? They are based in Tarifa, Spain and offer courses on, well, being outside, actually. You run, jump, swim, climb—not in a gym and not with special equipment and not to lose weight or anything like... READ MORE

Should spiritual teachers be paid?

February 17, 2014   |   89 Comments

This past Valentine’s Day, I launched a program called the “21-Day Open Heart Immersion: Live in Love.” I received this message (from a stranger) via email: With all due respect, I think that the global consciousness is in a state of a major shift and it has a lot to do with people like you helping to spread the world... READ MORE

On determining your worth

November 18, 2013   |   31 Comments

If you’ve ever wanted to get to the bottom of your deepest childhood wounds, stare unblinkingly at your creative terrors, or shine klieg lights on the dankest areas of your personal blind spot, I have a suggestion for you. Start your own business, preferably as a solopreneur. (Well, you could also write a book.) When you work alone to launch... READ MORE

The pain of pricing.

November 7, 2013   |   25 Comments

The other day I wrote a blog post called Self-Employed: Three Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me. The response told me that the growing solopreneur subclass shares many concerns and issues. For example, when we look at each other, it seems that everyone else has got it together while we do not. This is often untrue. (But not always.)... READ MORE

Self-Employment: Three Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me

November 4, 2013   |   62 Comments

                    The other day I received this text from a dear friend who had recently started her own business: “When you started your own thing, did you spend any time hiding under the covers?” Only the first three years, I replied. There are particular inner difficulties in working for yourself. No... READ MORE

Continuing the Open Heart Project

October 13, 2013   |   6 Comments

Dear excellent member of the Open Heart Project, I hope your meditation practice is going well. I really enjoy helping you to bring more mindfulness and awareness into your life. I hope that comes across! It is truly a pleasure for me to send you meditation instruction. Each week I create completely new meditation videos for you and, each time... READ MORE

The best advice

March 26, 2013   |   5 Comments

From the beautiful “life is a collaboration with love,” to the very practical “watch out for idiots,”  the inscrutable “don’t forget your real job,” and the classic, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop,” a bouquet of the best advice my FB pals ever received. Whether from their mother, the Bhagavad Gita, or Katherine Hepburn, there are some real gems... READ MORE

The Path of Hi

June 19, 2012   |   20 Comments

Hi! This morning, I went for a run at about 630a. The streets were mostly deserted but occasionally I would pass someone on the sidewalk. When I did, I said, “hi.” OK, I live in Boston. Boston is not a hi-saying town. I used to live in Austin, TX which is very much a hi-saying town–you say hi when you... READ MORE

On Working with Obstacles: 5 Suggestions

February 17, 2012   |   24 Comments

Next week is Buddhist New Year: Feb 22, to be exact. In the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, the week or so preceding the new year is called Dön season and is thought to be a time of obstacles, difficulties, and stuckness. I don’t know about you, but when I find myself feeling trapped and frustrated and “I need things to move!!!”... READ MORE

I have a dream. What is yours?

January 16, 2012   |   18 Comments

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/35166702[/vimeo] I have a dream. That one day, we will live in a world where we recognize all beings as one family. I have a dream that on that day, when any one of my brothers or sisters, be they known to me or unknown, seen or unseen, animal or human, finds themselves in sorrow for any reason, a dark... READ MORE

How Meditation Makes You Fearless

January 4, 2012   |   10 Comments

In the Shambhala Buddhist lineage, we say that meditation trains us to be warriors in our lives—fearless, open hearted, and genuine. Today I want to talk about fearlessness and its connection to meditation practice and I’ll start out by relating a story I heard Pema Chodron tell in one of her books. It is about her teacher, the founder of Shambhala... READ MORE

Day One: Reflecting together into 2012

December 26, 2011   |   9 Comments

As we move into a new year, I want to offer you a few personal reflections, some suggestions for your own process of reflecting, and opportunities to practice together into 2012. For me, this week provides the perfect circumstances for turning within and asking myself honestly, how did I do in 2011? What do I hope for in 2012? How... READ MORE

Special Seth Godin post

December 15, 2011   |   16 Comments

OK, you know from my book review of We Are All Weird that I love Seth. I even got to share the stage with him briefly last week when he invited me to say a few words at The Medicine Ball Session about meditation and getting to know how your mind works. (Which is very important when you’re trying to... READ MORE

The essence of loving kindness.

December 13, 2011   |   3 Comments

I’m sure you have felt gentleness time and again for those you love or admire: your child, lover, a hero of music or politics, even your pet. You think of this creature and your heart melts. You feel how deeply you wish for their ease, and not because they “deserve” it. There actually is no reason at all for this... READ MORE

Yoga teachers: enough with the invitations. TEACH! (A rant.)

December 4, 2011   |   28 Comments

I love yoga. I’ve been a half-assed student (which might be an asana, I’m not sure) for close to twenty years. I remember the moment I fell in love with the practice. It was at Kripalu. The teacher was Stephen (Kaviraj) Cope. The pose was trikonasana/triangle. Following Kavi’s precise verbal instruction and watching him model the pose with his beautiful... READ MORE

Choose Love

November 28, 2011   |   5 Comments

This is a wonderful project featuring women helping women to love their bodies, heal their relationship with food, and sidestep the cultural urgings to find ourselves inadequate in the looks department. The important message of this project is that we can always choose to love ourselves. 30+ women writers (including me, Julie Daley, Marianne Elliot, Anna Guest-Jelley, Angela Kelsey, my... READ MORE

Too agitated to meditate? 3 suggestions.

October 3, 2011   |   10 Comments

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/29967823[/vimeo] Sometimes we are just too agitated to meditate. It’s not even that we can’t find 10 minutes–it’s that when we do, it just feels too uncomfortable to sit. All the things on our to do list come up. The heart starts racing. The mind flips out. The more we sit, the more we freak ourselves out. Sound familiar? This... READ MORE

Mindfulness doesn't mean peacefulness

September 28, 2011   |   4 Comments

From a participant in The Open Heart Project: Q: “How can I increase my mindfulness when all the stressors of my life come into play at once?” A: I really appreciate your question about becoming more mindful when you are experiencing moments of particular stress. This is totally doable. However–if by becoming more mindful, you mean ceasing to feel stress,... READ MORE

Enlightened Reading list, continued

June 20, 2011   |   6 Comments

If you were to ask on Twitter, “What is your #1 book on meditation or spirituality?” this is what you would get. At least from my Twitterverse. Enjoy! Read them all! Or just read one with absolute comprehension! Become enlightened!

Someone sent me this poem today–

June 20, 2011   |   Leave a reply

I think I could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and/self-contained I stand and look at them long and long. They do not sweat and whine about their condition They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God Not one is dissatisfied,... READ MORE

Surgery this morning

May 15, 2011   |   34 Comments

8a EST. Having my gallbladder removed for reasons I can explain later. In fact, getting to the point of having this prosaic medical procedure (the most common surgical procedure in the US, I’m told) has been anything but prosaic and might actually make a decent story. (Which I suppose is true for everyone who has it.) For reasons relating to... READ MORE

On Compassion and Enemies

May 4, 2011   |   120 Comments

On Monday, I wrote a little about my response to Osama bin Laden’s killing. Upon hearing of his death, most people expressed heartfelt and understandable relief that our hunt for one who wished to destroy us was over. Others participated in “celebrations” that seemed tinged with what could be described kindly as poor sportsmanship. The question I was trying to... READ MORE

How to be more disciplined about practice + a story wherein I drop the F-bomb

April 22, 2011   |   10 Comments

The practice of sitting meditation begins to shed some light on the Buddhist view of discipline. In meditation, you cultivate focus and awareness by placing your attention on your breath rather than your thoughts. PS It has nothing to do with emptying the mind of thought!! Almost impossible!! Stop trying!! Big hoax!! Instead, you take a different view of your... READ MORE

New on HuffPo

February 23, 2011   |   7 Comments

Self-Help Books: Are They Actually Helpful? You tell me. Has a book changed your life? Which one and why?

For Angela

February 15, 2011   |   5 Comments

Recently, I’ve been asking you lovely readers to let me know if you have any questions or topics you’d like me to address in a blog post. I’ve received some amazing, deep, and deeply heartfelt questions. Stay tuned to hear riffs on issues such as: “How can I maintain hope and foster hope in others in difficult circumstances?” “I am... READ MORE

Day of Love

February 13, 2011   |   14 Comments

Some thoughts on Valentine’s Day What if we could celebrate Valentine’s Day in a whole different way? What if instead of celebrating whether or not we have someone to take us out to dinner, we celebrated all the love we have ever felt in our lives, all the love we have yet to feel, and all the love we could... READ MORE

Ask me about stuff.

February 9, 2011   |   12 Comments

In gearing up for my big, huge (to me) launch of a daily (M-F) email about life, love, leadership, joy, and creativity based on a Buddhist point of view, I’ve asked people what they might like me to write about. Here are some of the requests I’ve received: Can you talk about making a distinction between drawing a boundary with... READ MORE

I’ll give you pretty.

October 26, 2010   |   1 Comment

I remember when I was 8 or 9 years old, lying on the floor of my bedroom, begging, pleading, gripping an arm to pull an invisible his ear toward me to say, Please. Make. Me. Pretty. Please. Pretty. Please. Lying there, thinking oh no, what if I’m not, what if I’m not? I don’t know where all this came from–from... READ MORE

Tim Gunn PSA for at-risk LGBT teens

October 6, 2010   |   2 Comments

Please share this amazing, straightforward, moving PSA from the beloved Tim Gunn. Pass it along to any at-risk teens or families who may be struggling with issues of sexuality or gender. The Trevor Project is a suicide hotline that is there to help. 866 488 7386 We love you. We care.

Getting Stuff Done By Not Being Mean to Yourself

August 20, 2010   |   24 Comments

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life trying to force myself to do things. Really good things. Things that are important to me. Things like meditating, journaling, going to the gym, and so on. I set schedules over and over. (I will rise at 5. Meditate, 530-630. Journal 630-730. Breakfast 8-9, and so on.) I fail way more... READ MORE

Finding Home

July 16, 2010   |   15 Comments

Hiro Boga, Jennifer Louden, Mahala Mazerov, and I have taken it upon ourselves to write on the same topic, and publish our work on the same day. This is the second time we’ve done this; the first time, our topic was writing. Today, it is home. Click on their names to read their lovely pieces. It is an honor to... READ MORE

Buddhism and Real Life: What is True Confidence?

May 17, 2010   |   9 Comments

It often happens that I wake up completely devoid of self-confidence. I have no idea when or why this is going to happen. It drives me mad. I sit down to write and some inner Miss Thing tells me I have nothing of interest to say. I want to call a friend but Miss Things says, oh she has no... READ MORE

RIP Guru, RIP Jazzmatazz, RIP Brilliant Music Light

April 29, 2010   |   3 Comments

Some of you may know that I am a huge music lover. I worked in the independent music business for about 15 years. I have heard things that would make your mind explode. (In a good way.) There are a few recordings that I count as my always-fresh, completely beloved, never-tire-of-listening-ever-ever musical loves. They include (but are in no way... READ MORE

Macmillan (St. Martin's Press) vs Amazon

February 3, 2010   |   6 Comments

Excerpt from my recent Huffington Post blog: The recent throwdown between Amazon and Macmillan publishers is very, very interesting. I’m observing from three perspectives—as a working author trying to make a living as such; a Macmillan author, and an ex-music business exec. When I read this on an Amazon forum: “I am not in the habit of supporting bullies…” I... READ MORE

25 Random Things about Me

February 25, 2009   |   22 Comments

I got tagged! Now you’re it. Talk to me. 1. I am a cat person. 2. I was the Chapter Leader of the Boston Guardian Angels when I was 19 years old. I was a tough girl. 3. If you’re in a crisis, I make an incredibly good friend. I’m not such a good friend when everything is normal. I... READ MORE

Barack & Me

October 30, 2008   |   5 Comments

The first President I remember is Nixon and that was not such a good experience. As a kid, I didn’t really understand what was going on, but I knew it wasn’t good, I knew the rest of the world was somehow laughing at us and, worse, even us kids knew that we had fallen from grace in our own eyes.... READ MORE

A Moving Wish

September 8, 2008   |   9 Comments

I moved to Boston about 6 years ago, from Manhattan. Before that, I lived in Austin, TX. I grew up in D.C. I would move back to Manhattan or Austin in a millisecond. I’d also relocate to D.C. because of my parents and other family. But I do not, repeat, do NOT want to live in Boston. Everyone who knows... READ MORE

Best Bluegrass Song. Ever.

June 3, 2008   |   2 Comments

Betrayal. Love lost. Murder. Sweet sorrow. Haunted voices speaking from beyond the grave… This song (recorded by the great, great Johnson Mountain Boys) has it all. [audio:Christine_LeRoy.mp3] No, brother, I'll never grow better 'Tis useless to tell me so now My broken heart is only awaiting For a resting place under the snow I was thinking last night, dear brother... READ MORE

Real Heroes vs Imaginary Ones

April 6, 2008   |   5 Comments

I was at the gym this morning, on the treadmill. I was listening to my iPod and not the television in front of me, but every once in awhile I glanced up at it. I saw several images of Martin Luther King, commemorating, I imagine, the 40th anniversary of his death. There were shots of him orating. Walking with Coretta.... READ MORE

Hep C Treatment

March 19, 2008   |   19 Comments

Did I ever mention that I’ve basically been kind of sick for the last two years? Not like sick in the head, but regular sick, sick-sick. I never really blogged about it because for whatever reason I thought it would be embarrassing or make me feel worse. Plus I wanted to be all super-woman and what have you. Or at... READ MORE

Award! "How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life," best spirituality book of 2007!!

February 27, 2008   |   10 Comments

Books for a Better Life Awards “The Awards recognize excellence in self-help, motivational, and self-improvement books in nine categories.” Unbelievably, “How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Life” has won best spirituality book of 2007 from Books for a Better Life. It is an annual event sponsored by the National MS Society. This year’s event was hosted by TODAY... READ MORE

Listening today

February 1, 2008   |   4 Comments

Satta Massagana The Abyssinians So beautiful. Such harmonies. So ridiculously laid back. National anthem of reggae, some say. I hear that the non-English sounding lyrics (Satta Massagana Ahamlai, for example) are Hebrew. But I speak Hebrew and I don’t understand these words. But what do I know. Jah Rastafari. 08-satta-massagana.mp3

I Was a Guardian Angel

January 31, 2008   |   10 Comments

The kind that kicks ass here on earth. Me, many years ago–early 80s. Plus a lot of muscle. This is for you, Davee.

Music for writing

January 23, 2008   |   5 Comments

I usually don’t play music when I write–too distracting. With one exception. When I want to get serious, I put this on repeat and listen to it over and over. I don’t know why but for me it’s perfect–perfect tempo, perfectly spacious. Love. From the “Diva” soundtrack from about 20 yrs ago. sentimental-walk.mp3

The Step Mothership

January 22, 2008   |   14 Comments

Just started “following” a woman on Twitter (this is not like stalking, you’re supposed to follow people) who blogs about stepmothering. Her stepkid is little, mine is 21. When I married his dad, he was 11 so I’ve been part of his life for a fair amount of time. There have been super-high pros and super-low cons. But—and I’m not... READ MORE

What is the Enneagram?

January 16, 2008   |   10 Comments

Whenever I find myself in a conversation about interpersonal difficulties (“My boss is a screamer,” “I can’t get my boyfriend to ever be on time,” “My sister cannot  commit to anything”) I always ask, “have you ever heard of the enneagram?” I get one of four responses: 1. No. Not interested in that kind of hoodoo. 2. Isn’t that some... READ MORE

What it was like to be on Oprah

January 4, 2008   |   9 Comments

Yes, I was on Oprah. Two times in late 2003, early 2004. Without fail, when someone hears I’ve been on the show assumptions are made: 1. I must have pulled some wicked strings to get myself on. 2. I am now rich. If only it were that simple. I’d be spending money like water and jerking those strings whenever coffers... READ MORE

Overwhelming Genuineness

November 19, 2007   |   5 Comments

Please watch this. If you liked this article, please bookmark it on del.icio.us or vote for it on Digg. I’d appreciate it. 🙂

Hello out there.

November 15, 2007   |   2 Comments

I appreciate you who come here to read my blog. I keep up with the stats every now and then and am so happy about the amount of visitors. I’m about to start a site re-design. I’m looking for input in two areas: First, what do you enjoy reading about?? My interests are so varied: Buddhism, music, relationships, marriage, my... READ MORE

Viewing disturbance as a sign of power

November 13, 2007   |   Leave a reply

I hung out with my friend Chris Flett today. Chris is an executive coach who only works with women. He recently published a book, “What Men Don’t Tell Women About Business.” I love Chris and I only wish for his success. When I heard that Newsweek slammed the book pretty hard, I felt so bad. This is his first book!!... READ MORE

Only read this if you’re a complete music business geek. Like me.

November 13, 2007   |   3 Comments

This is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night. Upside Down: What Really Killed the Music Business In 2000 I said to a friend, “the music industry is dead. It’s just a carcass that hasn’t been drug away yet. Little things feeding off the remains but soon it’ll just be dust.” Not a pretty image, but not... READ MORE

Writer's Rooms

October 22, 2007   |   Leave a reply

I’m always tinkering with mine. Found this article on writer’s rooms on the Guardian website. I sort of can’t stop staring at it. Here’s what my office looks like currently. I LOVE to stare at pictures of other people’s workspaces. Hint, hint.

Songs That Made Me Cry #2

October 19, 2007   |   Leave a reply

Dancing in the Dark Bruce Springsteen dancing-in-the-dark.mp3 I was sitting outside the Tam O’Shanter Lounge in my cab, waiting for last call to see who might stumble out too drunk to drive. Cabbie was one of my first post-high school jobs and the best career alternative I could think of at the time. It was late August, about a zillion... READ MORE

Songs That Made Me Cry #1

October 18, 2007   |   2 Comments

Blue Skies The Allman Brothers blue-skies.mp3 My boyfriend and I were lying on the floor listening to music, smoking pot, waiting for the pizza delivery guy. I think I was about 18 years old. He wanted me to listen to “Blue Skies” by the Allman Brothers. Sure, I thought. Whatever. I like music. He cued it up and when it... READ MORE

Melancholy Music

October 15, 2007   |   10 Comments

Yesterday, Duncan and I were talking about what qualified a song as melancholy. Melancholy is not quite sadness. It seems to also include an element of longing, even of sweetness. As an enneagram 4, I feel eminently qualified to compose a melancholy playlist. (For more about the enneagram–and my obsessive interest in it, click here.) And so I did, and... READ MORE

3 things that help with fear

September 12, 2007   |   2 Comments

Typically the suggestions to fight fear are based on confrontation. But this doesn’t always work, especially for women. Actually, men too. Here are three alternatives to “fight or flight” that you may not have thought of. 1. Hang out with your friends. It’s no accident that you feel better after a long chat with your best friend. Connecting with others... READ MORE

boston globe review

August 18, 2007   |   2 Comments

This is the first time i’ve ever received a real review. It was very cool and totally unexpected. I got a phone call while i was on the bus up to meditation retreat, telling me about it. I would have felt so awful if it was a bad review, but it was really good. thank you thank you thank you.

9 lies we tell without knowing they're lies

June 20, 2007   |   1 Comment

predictable self-deceptions their consequences and antidotes there are 9 of each I am right. Everyone else wrong. I trust that things are righter than I can ever know. I am needed. So you better treat me right. I give without agenda. I am important. I will overwhelm you with my credentials. I have no need to spread propaganda about myself.... READ MORE

Authentic BS

June 12, 2007   |   2 Comments

Some years ago, The New York Times ran an op-ed piece entitled, “Authentic? Never Mind” by Paul Krugman. It’s about how presidential candidates are trying to appear authentic. (Oxymoron.) One candidate, for example, switched from a Lincoln Continental to a pickup truck to appear authentic during his Senate run. Does anyone really fall for #(@) like this? Substituting the image... READ MORE

best career advice. ever.

June 11, 2007   |   2 Comments

“Never accept responsibility without authority.” I thought that to move to the “next level,” I had to take on more responsibility. I didn’t pay so much attention to who actually had the authority to make decisions about these responsibilities. Power (or whatever you want to call it) comes from more authority, not more responsibility. So now I work in a... READ MORE

cyndi lauper

June 6, 2007   |   1 Comment

i forgot. this is what music is supposed to sound like. listen to cyndi lauper offering tribute to joni mitchell at some awards thing-y. (mtv?) vocal is relaxed and intensely focused. the singer is listening to the band. the band is listening to the singer. the performer is deeply seated within herself. no one is in a hurry. the context... READ MORE