How can we deal with the pain of those we love?

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The meditation begins at 9:52
Audio only version is here.

Hello, dear meditator,

Last week it was my honor to answer a question from one of you. I have received additional questions since. This week , I answer this, from Cathy:

Hi Susan, my question is : when we practice compassion, and empathy and listening, with those we love (at the moment, me being there for my adult daughter through a difficult time for her), how do we prevent ourselves from hurting on behalf of the other person. Or are we meant to? Her pain feels like my pain, and makes me so upset and sad. Any advice, help, would be great. Thank you.

What are your questions about meditation or your spiritual life? I will do my best to help! Leave in comments.

Love, Susan

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  • Posted by:  jane

    thank you Susan. Peaceful to be with you today, a much needed breathing space and pause.
    I received your new book after ordering it….. woop!! looking forward to starting it.

    love x

  • Posted by:  Nancy Barnhart

    Hi Susan
    I have a question. After listening to the 4 day workshop (which I really enjoyed) – I purchased and am reading TRAINING THE MIND by Chogyam Trungpa. Excellent resource. I haven’t yet finished the book but his statement and references to the following:

    “Make others more important than yourself”

    Can you please talk about this? While I agree that others should be important and we shouldn’t always be self centered – how does that work in real life when we are trying to not be people pleasers but to think of others, of course, but also recognize our own needs and boundaries?

    Thank you Susan for any reflections you have on this

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