How Not to Be Afraid nominated for an award!! With Anne Lamott!!

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Who knew there was such a thing as Books for a Better Life! Suddenly I love them.


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  • Posted by:  Heidi Hass Gable

    Your book definitely deserves the nomination for this award!
    Take care,

  • Posted by:  maura

    Well deserved nomination. And completely worthy of a new category named super cool!

    I personally found your book terribly helpful and inspiring. Fear has stopped me from doing many things in my life, and, your personal stories really made it clear to me that I too could overcome these fears. Your book has definitely played a part in deciding to begin my journey on the path. thank you so much Susan. Maura

  • Posted by:  susan

    Many, many thanks Heidi and Maura! It’s kind of you to offer congratulations.

    This may sound bogus, but if my book has been helpful to you, it was completely worth it. If it inspired you to examine your own spiritual life, I feel inspired beyond words.

    XO Susan

  • Posted by:  Heidi Hass Gable

    Susan – there is no “if” about it. you have not only inspired me to examine my own life and to find ways of being at peace, you have also indirectly inspired my daughter!

    My daughter is 9 years old and noticed my meditations – so started meditating with me. She even said recently “Mom, when we’re away from each other, let’s still meditate each evening and think of each other – that way we’ll still be able to touch each other”.

    And when I’m away, we’ve kept our “dates” in order to stay connected!

    She also mentioned the other day that she was having trouble with an assignment at school and decided to stop for a moment (before getting too frustrated). She said she meditated for a few moments, cleared her mind and was able to come back to finish her work without problem!

    Honestly, it just blows me away!

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