How to be Happy: Step Five

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The meditation begins at 9:40
Audio only version is here.

Hello, dear meditator,

Before this week’s sit, we continue our exploration of the six paramitas. The first four are generosity, discipline, patience, and exertion.

The fifth paramita is called meditative absorption which is about bringing your meditation practice into every part of your life–which is where it really counts. The truth is, it really doesn’t matter whether you are “good” at meditation. What matters is your ability to be good at being yourself, in your life, in every moment. The fifth paramita offers insight into just how to do this.

Thoughts, questions, reflection? Let me know! I love to hear from you.

Love, Susan

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  • Posted by:  MaryGene Hayes

    Help. I cannot log in since I have forgotten my password and the system will not direct me to the link to change it.

  • Posted by:  J'aime

    Is it possible one of the paramitas is petting the cat? 🙂 or is that just the cat, thinking “pet me” really loudly in the video… <3

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