How to be happy: Step One (of six)

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Meditation begins at 14:35
Audio only is here.

I am taking a few weeks off to plan and dream about what to offer you in the Open Heart Project in 2020. (Thank you, summer.) So for the next 6 weeks, I’m going to resend the six-video series we completed earlier this year on the six paramitas: generosity, discipline, patience, exertion, absorption, and wisdom. Please enjoy and/or re-enjoy! Happy dreaming to everyone.

Hello, dear meditator. In the Buddhist view, happiness comes from connecting with the endless richness of your heart and living every moment from that sense of personal wealth. Unhappiness results from confusion about your immeasurable resources, from feeling poverty-stricken when in fact you are absurdly wealthy.

The six paramitas (or perfections) name the treasures which unerringly lead to joy for yourself and others. Today we look at the first of them, generosity. We will examine each of the others over the next five weeks.

I’m so excited to share these teachings with you. They have the power to change your life.

Love, Susan

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