How to Be Happy: Step Two

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Meditation begins at 10:40
Audio only is here.

Hello, dear meditator.

In the Buddhist view, there are six steps we can take to create more happiness for ourselves and others, starting immediately. They are known as the six paramitas or six perfections. Last week, we took a look at the first paramita, generosity, of which there are three kinds. (If you want to go back and have a listen, please do, although it is not necessary. That talk is here.)

Before this week’s meditation, we take a brief look at the second paramita, discipline. Everyone’s favorite! Haha, kidding. Just the word can send chills up and down your spine if you’re like, well, ALMOST EVERYONE. We all think we should work harder, do more, be better at, crush it, nail it, and so on. We even think we should work harder at relaxing by taking courses, trying techniques, keeping up with the latest research, and so on. Well, fear not. This view of discipline has nothing to do with achieving more or being a good boy/girl/both/neither. Here, discipline has to do with ethics, with living the best life possible. There are three forms of discipline. Please listen to this short talk to hear more.

Tune in next week for paramita #3, patience.

Questions? Reflections? Please let me know in chat. I always love to hear from you

Love, Susan

PS Over at the Open Heart Project Sangha, we are spending the entire month of April contemplating, practicing, and discussing the paramita of generosity through a longer talk from me, weekly talks from a variety of different Buddhist teachers, suggested readings, and so on. We will spend May discussing discipline, June on patience, and so on until we have spent an entire month on each paramita. If you’re already in the OHP Sangha, let’s really go for it in this exploration! If you’re thinking about joining, please check it out here. It would be wonderful to see you there. xo S

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