The essence of loving kindness.

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I’m sure you have felt gentleness time and again for those you love or admire: your child, lover, a hero of music or politics, even your pet. You think of this creature and your heart melts. You feel how deeply you wish for their ease, and not because they “deserve” it. There actually is no reason at all for this feeling, beyond love. Your heart is simply open.

When have you ever felt this toward yourself? It is very, very important that you look at yourself in just this way. Please, starting today: soften toward this precious and irreplaceable being: YOU. All you have to do is notice her. She is like no other and has gifts to give that cannot be sourced elsewhere.

From here, you are able to feel this way for everyone, not just those you already love. In this way, by opening your heart, first to yourself and then to all beings, you open up to your own life.

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  • Posted by:  MES

    As is said, LOVE begins at home. And U know where home really is. Inside of each of us!

  • Posted by:  Katherine See Calacday


  • Posted by:  Cristina Gaston

    I wonder why it is so hard to love oneself, or feel this gentleness, towards your own self.

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