Meditation is important to me but not to my loved one. Can I be with someone who does not share this interest?

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Dear Susan,

Perhaps you may want to touch on men/women or relationships involving love that are different, For instance, my boyfriend does not nor will not meditate or discuss the purpose or the benefits of it — he is not interested. I want to be in a relationship with like-minded person and I am thinking of ending our relationship of 15 years — we can be friends hopefully but I do not want to marry him. It’s difficult! And though we are close in many other ways, we are different. How do we grow together? –Martee

Hello, dear meditator,

This week, our question is from Martee. It’s about sharing a life with someone who does not share your interest in meditation and/or spirituality. In my answer, I try to point out that there may also be “pros” to this, not only cons. However, it is very individual so if you are in such a situation (or are not in a relationship but feel that when you are, it should be with someone who shares this interest), you’re gonna have to make up your own mind. I’ve been married for 20 years to someone who is not a meditator, so I am speaking from personal experience here!

Hope you have a beautiful week.
With love, Susan

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