Learn to meditate.
Live a mindful life.

Meditation is much more than a practice, it is a path, a way of being in the world. In addition to stress reduction and a myriad of health benefits, a steady practice shows you how to work with your mind so you are not at the mercy of harsh self-judgement, fear, anger, and procrastination. In this way, meditation teaches you how to be in the world with confidence, courage, and joy.

Created by meditation teacher and writer Susan Piver, the OHP is an online meditation center that offers the following:

A shared practice.


Advanced courses.


Guest teachers.

Community gatherings

All of this is online and available to you 24/7.

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*Sangha is the Sanskrit word for community.


Two ways to participate:

One new 10-minute guided meditation video per week
Get started with a 7-Day Meditation Quickstart audio program
Daily Dharma Gathering-Go deeper with our 30-minute live video talks with a Buddhist teacher every weekday
Continue the exploration through free access to many online classes with Susan
Keep your practice going with a daily audio meditation
Access to hundreds of on-demand meditation videos and talks in the meditation library
Attend a monthly live class with Susan to ask questions and share reflections
Connect with fellow Sangha members via our private forums
A free Open Heart Project t-shirt + signed copy of my book Start Here Now: An Open-Hearted Guide to the Path and Practice of Meditation for new annual members
  FREE $27/month or $270/year
  • One new 10-minute guided meditation video per week
  • One new 10-minute guided meditation video per week
  • Free participation in the Daily Dharma Gathering.
  • Free access to Susan's online courses.
  • Daily audio meditation.
  • Access to 1000+ video meditations.
  • Monthly online Office Hours with Susan.
  • Monthly in-depth video presentation.
  • Private online forum.
  • Access to the virtual Shrine Room.
  • Free membership in the Mommy Sangha.
$27/month or $270/year
  • As someone who is relatively new to meditation and mindfulness practice, I was searching for some guidance and direction but was not necessarily comfortable turning up to a local Buddhist or meditation centre in person. The OHP has provided a huge number of amazing resources. Susan Piver is an incredible teacher – she is wise, gentle, hilarious and above all REAL! She brings humanity, levity and a beautiful emotionally connected wisdom to her teachings.

    Ben Crompton

  • Prior to finding the OHP, I had flirted with meditation, but had never been able to really get in a steady relationship with it. Though typically my “sits” have remained relatively short, they are now consistent. Introverted by nature I am really enjoying having a virtual spiritual community. The special programs offered have provided a wealth of amazing learning.

    Marsha Novak

  • What has drawn me is the inclusiveness which the OHP fosters. I have been doing both Soto and Rinzai zen for many years—and working with Susan has expanded my understanding and practice for which I am very grateful. Her work has touched many who have since joined and she is turning the Sangha into a strong presence in the world.

    Charles Stoy

  • The video instructions and e-mails always seem to speak to exactly what I need right in the moment. Susan’s style is genuine, warm and down-to-earth. She’s walking the path hand-in-hand with us.

    Barbara Markway, Ph.D

  • I’ve been wandering around in the realm of Buddhism for a decade or two. So many sources I found were too esoteric, or rooted so much in specific traditions that they felt too remote to me. When I found the OHP, I immediately felt at home, and now I feel even more so. It’s a place to be, to question, to share. Susan leads the sangha with clarity, honesty and directness. A real person, a wonderful leader, an inspiration.

    John Ellis