Overwhelming Genuineness

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Please watch this.
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  • Posted by:  sandy

    i’m not a big TV watcher and can’t tolerate the mean-spiritedness of reality shows, so i completely missed this stunning jewel. i watched the video clip several times over and gratefully cried my eyes out. i also went to youtube and watched all his other performances. thank GOD for glimpses like this to renew my faith, and i spent the rest of the evening singing!!!

  • Posted by:  susan

    Sandy, I’m totally with you. I sobbed when I watched this clip. I can’t even quite explain why.

    Don’t you love how touched the judges were?

    It’s true: the genuineness that is just below the surface (within everyone) is the most powerful thing on earth!! Gives such hope.

  • Posted by:  michelle

    i am still crying. what a gift, thank you.
    it is great to get out of one’s self and to share the joy of another. i think this is how the world is shifting. as more of us can share each other’s joy we have the opportunity to really experience so much goodness in the world.
    i feel lighter and connected to that which this world is, and that is love. just to remember to stay in my heart.
    thank you

  • Posted by:  susan

    Hi Michelle. So glad you watched this. It is so incredibly hopeful and inspiring.

  • Posted by:  leanne

    Wonderful! Made me cry. Congrats to this young man. What a heart, what a voice . . .

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