Day Six: What are your spiritual values?

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Next week I will return to posting 2x per week.

Today’s question, the 6th in our 7-question series is from moi-self. Tomorrow’s question, on being an artist, is from the beloved and be-respected Seth Godin.

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Question: Where, how, and with whom have my spiritual values manifested in 2011? Where, how, and with whom do I wish to express/manifest/share them in 2012?

The Dalai Lama has famously said, “My religion is simple. My religion is kindness.” There are certain qualities that transcend all belief systems and these can be thought of as spiritual values. For me, gentleness (defined as opening to and accepting yourself from moment to moment, feeling what you feel without judgment or agenda), kindness (feeling, knowing, and acting as if all beings are just like me in that they seek love and happiness), and bravery (inviting my fears, confusion, and personal nuttiness as part of the path) are among those values. How about you? How did 2011 meet or defeat your spiritual journey? Where do you long to go in 2012? Use today’s question to lead you further along the path.

This post is #6 in a week of 7 questions that form The Week of Inward Looking. Each day has a different questioner, and a different theme:

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  • Posted by:  Melissa

    So, I’ve spent much of today reflecting and sharing my thoughts about 2011, and moving into 2012. I am super pumped about the good that is in my life and what is about to come. I’ve done a lot of hard work this year healing from a terrible divorce, but this year is over. Thank my god! But, this coming year is what I make of it. That is what spiritual means to me. I have had so many people help and support me on this journey. I could not be AWAKE and AWARE without them, including your posts. Each time I feel a little low, I inevitably get an email from you. The You Are Good email was right on time. Thanks and good luck to you. My spiritual path for 2012 also begins with gratitude.

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