Tea with Jesse Jacobs

March 20, 2013   |   3 Comments  |   FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

Honored and delighted to sit down for a conversation with Jesse Jacobs, the founder of Samovar Tea Lounges in San Francisco.

We discussed:

  • how I flunked 8th grade, never went to college—and then published six books including a New York Times bestseller
  • how I overcame her phobia of flying through the kindness of strangers
  • how I went from Austin cocktail waitress to music industry executive
  • advice for recent college grads and anyone in the job market
  • advice on love, heart break, and things to consider before tying the knot
  • how I flunked meditation instruction—and then went on to launch The Open Heart Project: an unconventional meditation school

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  • Posted by:  Susan Penrod

    I enjoyed that!

    • Posted by:  susan

      Glad! I did too

  • Posted by:  Ana Marinovic

    The walk of life. Love it!

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