The Enneagram Program

The enneagram, a model of human personality, is a great passion of mine. I have used it consistently in every area of my life for close to 20 years. It helps me figure out how to communicate with students so that they can actually hear me. It helps me to understand my husband in order to focus on our strengths as partners and minimize our weaknesses. It has helped me understand and soften toward myself. It’s my pleasure to offer this enneagram program to you.

We all have blind spots. The enneagram program hands you a diagram of your own and others’.

If you are willing to be brave, it gives you the opportunity to actually see the beliefs and patterns that you hold out of fear and self-protection. If you are willing to be even braver, it points the way to releasing them. If you are willing to braver still, it can guide you to releasing others from your expectations about who you think they should be and instead embrace who they are.

In other words, it is a compassion tool of the highest order. Deep, broad, complex, and subtle, the enneagram can teach you many things, from how to talk to a colleague about a new project to how to release yourself from the expectations of others and live authentically. It stops you from interpreting the actions of others through your own filters and thus enables you to know them rather than simply reacquainting yourself with yourself. It can help you avoid arguments in favor of connection. It enables you to see through others’ defenses to know them more genuinely. It enables you to see through your own defenses.

It both softens and sharpens you in all relationships—from the one you have with yourself to the one you have with the world.

Please join me for a four part E-Course to explore this rich, powerful, and mind-altering system.

This program is the full extent of what was offered during the live experience. Each 90 minute class video includes the real-time q&a with the live participants as their questions and comments are likely to be shared by others. (As this is a self-paced program however, there will be no opportunity to ask new questions.) The course materials, including homework and handouts, will be available for 120 days once you are registered.


Class One

Introduction to the enneagram
Uses and abuses of the system
The Hornevian directional theory
Three triads/centers of intelligence:
The intuitive triad
The heart triad
The mental triad

Class Two

Three instinctual drives
Detailed overview of the intuitive triad: types and subtypes

Class Three

Detailed overview of the heart triad: types and subtypes
Detailed overview of the mental triad: types and subtypes

Class Four

What is your type?
Ways of working with the system going forward

You may or you may not be certain of your type once this enneagram program is completed. It can take time to figure it out but this program will give you the foundation for doing so.

Finally, let me just tell you that I use the enneagram every single day of my life. Next to the Buddhadharma, it is the primary beacon that lights my way to connect with myself and others in a way that is honest and thoughtful.

Cost: $54.00



This program is not free for Sangha members.

No cancellations.

Questions? Please email Michele