This book will help you love your body, food, and life. I’m so serious.

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THIS BOOK. If you think of food and your body as endless projects requiring perfection—as opposed to sources of delight and joy—this book is for you. Rather than constantly counting and measuring and judging what you eat, you will recover a sense of pleasure in food. It points to the power of being willing to take up space, no matter how big or small your body may be.

There are a few reasons I’m telling you about this book.

First, I love the author, Jenna Hollenstein. She has changed my life. She’s brilliant.

Second, WE NEED THIS BOOK, Y’ALL. Enough with the “clean eating” and fear of gluten/sugar/dairy (or whatever) and coveting someone else’s body/life/diet. I mean, sure, eat healthy and work out. Make that commitment. No argument there. But Jenna defines something called “magical eating,” that sense that if only I could perfect my diet, I could avoid the complexities of being an actual human. I call BS on that. Eat what you want. Taste it. Delight in it. Let your appetite roar. Your body will find its level. Eat to love, not to punish, fix, reward, or strangle the joy of food and having this one beautiful body that is just waiting for you to adore it.

Third. The Open Heart Project has made the audacious move of starting a publishing house, Lionheart. It will publish books that bring spirituality into every day life. For women, by women. (Mostly.) “Eat to Love” is our second book and I am so absurdly proud to be associated with it. (The first Lionheart publication was my own The Four Noble Truths of Love.)

This is just the start. The start of offering books that are about our actual lives: the way we think about love, food, sex, family, community, inclusivity, and true power, the kind that transforms the status quo. If you want to be on our list for news about this and future publications, please sign up here.

Let love rule: in our bodies, beds, homes, neighborhoods and the whole friggin world.

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