My anger is ruining my life. Can meditation help me?

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The meditation begins at 17:50
Audio only version is here.

Hello, dear meditator,

Wow, I talked a lot before today’s meditation. If you’d like to go right to the meditation practice (which is always the most important bit), just skip ahead to 17:50. Otherwise, please click “play” to hear a response to this week’s question, from Adam:

I feel like I have been swimming in an anger pool for about a month (and probably unknowingly for 38 years) and my heart feels shut off. I get small windows of relief from that anger but it doesn’t shift easily. I am not sure how to change that. Do you have any advice? I had a meditation practice for a long time but dropped it, along with a number of other spiritual practices recently. Thank you in advance!

In my answer, I speak about the difficulty of working with anger–and the gifts contained within it. In addition to anger, in the Buddhist view, there are other afflictive emotions that contain a gift buried deep inside: pride, grasping, jealousy, and ignorance. In this talk, I describe each of the five gifts with the hope that you will discover that what you struggle with is also your super power.
With love, Susan


  • Posted by:  Alison Carter-Goulden

    Goodness this was helpful Susan. Thank you so much.
    Is there any further reading you’d recommend? Especially around the continuum between anger and clarity?
    Also, do you ever line these up against the enneagram types of anger, fear and shame?
    Love from Alison in London x

    • Posted by:  Emily

      Yes, I second wanting more information on these axis! Very interesting.

  • Posted by:  Eugenie

    Well yes, you did speak a lot today and every word was welcomed. Thank you. I will be relistening to this many times.

  • Posted by:  Renee

    So helpful. I carried anger with me for many years until5 or so years into meditation and reading the dharma. They have helped enormously with letting go. I was also able to overcome my fear of flying. Thank you. Renee

  • Posted by:  Kevin J. Waters

    Susan A Great Subject, Thank you, also for the insights ! Anger came so close, along with its “Brother Resentment” to Destroying me, Physically,&, Mentally, More than once ! Even after doing a (12 step Inventory), sharing Resentments with a Sponsor, (12 step Recovery), my Therapist, Finishing suggested Readings, Thay”s book on Anger,listening to many talks, &, guided Meditations on Anger, a lot of anger management courses, learning to be Mindful,(aware), After This, &, more Anger can still run through me like a run away train ! I with time and Practice, know that I can have a Reprieve from this, which is based on “Balance in my life” .. Spiritual,Physical,Emotional,Mental, This state is reinforced, by a daily reading, &, meditation, seldom missed. My Recovery,and Practices have, allowed me to see and feel the ravages of Anger, Deadly to me !!

  • Posted by:  Rose

    Thank you for the beauty and clarity of the teaching. Your voice is full of the insight of long practice – I can hear that,
    Especially the idea of the continuum. Not this or that, but existing within a shifting range, always changing.
    Right to the (open) heart of life!

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