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A question from a new member of The Open Heart Project. She wonders: “How has meditation made a difference in people’s lives- maybe some testimonials?”

If you have anything to say on this question, I know I’d love to hear it, as would she.

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  • Posted by:  Bella

    My meditation practice has helped me be more “at choice” and more “deliberate” in my responses to day to day happenings of my life. For example, I am, by nature, a deeply sensitive person. While this can be a wonderful quality, it can also take me quickly into overwhelm and/or feelings of pain/etc. When I feel overwhelmed my meditation practice has trained me to find even the briefest moment, the briefest space… and when I find that space, that feeling of overwhelm is then something I see as a moment in time…a process that moves through me…rather than something I am tightly identified with or something I become and then react from. I can then respond (instead of react) from a place of feeling grounded/centered/”at choice”– this is much more peaceful.

    • Posted by:  Susan

      Bella, this sounds just right.

  • Posted by:  Amalia

    I’m an innate overachiever, always multitasking, always doing and going. It’s what I’ve done my whole life, and it’s why I am successful in a high stress profession.
    Meditation gets me to pause and be still, even if it’s for a few minutes. Some days I spend a fair amount of time bringing myself back, but part of the process has been to not judge myself for that- just to accept it for where I am right then. These gifts of sitting still and of just accepting things as they are have been amazing for me in an internal sense, and have also helped me relate more gently and intently with the world around me.

  • Posted by:  Susan

    Amalia, sounds like your practice is wonderful.

    • Posted by:  Amalia

      Susan, thank you…I credit you for helping me to get it to where it is.

      • Posted by:  Susan

        We’re in it together.

  • Posted by:  Evelyn

    Meditation helped me work through my breakup.

    • Posted by:  Susan

      Evelyn, I am so happy to hear this. Sending love. S

  • Posted by:  Christa

    Meditation allows me to be, rather than do. It allows me to see things from a much wider perspective. And on the practical side, it allows me to live without chemical intervention of any kind.

    It is my reset button, my path to my true north, my door to my dreams.

    • Posted by:  Susan

      Love, love, love what you’ve written, Christa.

  • Posted by:  Em

    Meditation helps me stay more balanced, helps me keep calm (which is saying something, I’m a tad highstrung) helps me be focused. I have ridiculously low blood pressure, too. Like Bella, I’m very sensitive. (There’s a reason people who are psychic are called sensitives.) And meditation helps a bit with that as well.

    But it also helps me be connected, helps me find my way to quiet mind, is the key that unlocks doors that I didn’t even know existed until 5 or 10 years in. It’s a very spiritual practice for me. I’ve been doing it for over 30 years and it’s gotten easier to do and deeper as I’ve gone along.

    There’s a great deal more, probably several books worth, but those are the things I can think of off the top of my head.

    • Posted by:  Susan

      Em, these are great points. It is “the key that unlocks doors.” Beautifully said.

  • Posted by:  Melissa

    When traditional medicine, and lots of prayer, failed to help heal my ravished body and broken spirit; meditation taught me the lessons I had never been taught, and helped me find the answers to healing my body, mind and spirit. My meditation practice began quite clumsily. It was not fun to watch, as I struggled to stop moving…keep my eyes still…and quiet my mind. But my determination to be “good” at it, gave me the desire to continue practicing. I read everything I could find on meditation, and that brought me to Susan Piver. How lucky I was to find such a grounded, authentic individual, who’s meditation teachings spoke to my heart. Susan’s virtual meditation guidance came to me “free” of cost; yet felt as though I had invested my life and all it’s worth to get it. That was approximately six months ago. Today, my physical health may still challenge me, but I have been able to reduce from 14 prescriptions to just 5! Meditation has given a new voice to my heart and soul, and become part of my every day love. It is no longer a “chore”…but now an “almost” effortless gift I give to myself each day!

    • Posted by:  Susan

      Melissa, I’m so happy you are healing. You are such a gem and I’m thrilled we’re on the path together. xxoo S

  • Posted by:  Jacque Roberts

    Meditation has helped me recognize, admit and accept that rage lives here. But it no longer rules me. It’s like a little dust bunny living under the bed. I breathe through it, I feel it and accept that any harm that has come my way is not here, not now. Light is here, holding my hand.

    • Posted by:  Susan

      Jacque, rage is a dust bunny…LOVE THAT!! If you can breathe through rage, you can breathe through anything. What an example you are. Thank you.

    • Posted by:  Stacy @ Sweet Sky

      This really touched me — and is true for me. Thank you, Jacque.

      My practice has helped me uncover and release so much of my personal experience — which has been very healing. To come to know myself more deeply while gaining more spaciousness around it has been the great gift of my practice.

  • Posted by:  Cindy

    Meditation practice has taught me to better see/feel the “space” around me and any situation, thought or emotion. This spaciousness prevents the claustrophobia that we tend to create around ourselves when thinking or worrying, allowing more clarity and a better connection with the moment.

    • Posted by:  Susan

      Perfectly said, Cindy. I know just what you mean. What a gift it is to connect with that space…

  • Posted by:  Jule

    Meditation helped me through lots of anxiety and sickness last year. It helps me focus on my job now. Before, I was constantly living in the future, and stressing over it. Now I’ve got a way to stop that (at least for a while). Focussing on the physical effects of emotions made it easier to recognize and adress emotional stress in everyday life.

    • Posted by:  Susan

      It is amazing how real AND ephemeral our emotions are–

  • Posted by:  Stephanie

    My meditation practice is like a spiritual (non-romantic) eHarmony that connects me with me… the algorithm is my breath and the goodness I know is within me and thus within each of us. I get to know myself without judging myself, and for those few minutes: I am enough. I am learning that recognizing and then honoring my enough-ness, my worthiness, is so important to genuinely recognize and honor these truths in others.

    • Posted by:  Susan


  • Posted by:  Yvonne

    I started Tonglen meditation about three years ago. I had an old, sweet dog who was in a lot of pain. At night I would breathe in his pain and breathe out comfort and love. He passed away two years ago and I missed meditating with him every night. I soon found my way to connect with others who are suffering. It has opened my heart to others and gets me “out of my head.”

    • Posted by:  Susan

      I love this, Yvonne. It is a wonderful answer to the question. Meditation is so much about working with your heart. Although it is often referred to as mindfulness, “heartfulness” is just as accurate.

      Your dog was lucky to have you.

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