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I appreciate you who come here to read my blog. I keep up with the stats every now and then and am so happy about the amount of visitors. I’m about to start a site re-design. I’m looking for input in two areas:

First, what do you enjoy reading about?? My interests are so varied: Buddhism, music, relationships, marriage, my own personal life (of course!), pop culture, personal organization, and the Enneagram. Till now I’ve just been writing whatever I feel inclined to, from little observation-ish things to personal essays. What would like to read more of? When you come to this site, what are you hoping to read about? Take away? Any and all thoughts are welcome. Please e-mail susan@susanpiver.com

If you’re a design person, do you have any suggestions for look and feel? As it is now, the site seems a bit cramped and I’m looking for a more attractive way to present all this info. Any thoughts? Please e-mail susan@susanpiver.com.

Grateful for input!

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  • Posted by:  T-R.B.

    Hey! I recently read your ‘hard questions’ about marriage, and thought I’d come looking at the site.

    You asked for design tips: One thing I’d change is that your center column needs to be wider. Honestly, I skip some of your entries because of that tiny text in big, big paragraphs. It makes me squint, leading to a headache.

    Secondly, the pink you’ve chosen for your links isn’t the easiest to see–I think red on blue is actually one of the no-nos if you want your site accessible to color perception-impaired people.

    Cut out the “pages” thing in the top right-hand column. There’s links to those already at the top. Also get rid of “recent posts.” These are both redundant.

    Otherwise, I like the layout. It works. I wouldn’t change the information, because I think you have a nice ‘smattering’ of topics. It’s easy for everyone to find something they are interested in.

  • Posted by:  susan

    Helpful! Helpful! Many thanks. Will totally get to work on design changes. May I ask what browser you use? I use Firefox and I’m afraid what looks good in Firefox doesn’t necessarily work in Explorer or Safari.

    And very glad you like the smattering effect.

    Truly helpful to get this feedback.

    Good luck with that tightrope! Would love to hear how it goes.

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